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We have all had an idea that could receive a patent and potentially become the next “As Seen On TV” product, and grace the shelves at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the knowledge, resources and cost to develop prototypes, protect intellectual property and take new ideas to market can be an extremely time and capital intensive exercise, which is a massive barrier to entry for the vast majority of us.

Enter, the brainchild of serial entrepreneurs Brian Church and Les Stouder. Prior to the birth of Ideashares, over the last decade they built The Aslan Guild, a group of micro angel investors and experts in a variety of fields, and helped multiple inventors take ideas to market. This was working on a micro level, but didn’t have a way to scale.

During this time, they developed a comprehensive test which all potential inventors looking for help had to take. This served as a way to filtrate ideas they took on, and also educate inventors to the complexities of intellectual property and growing companies.

Two years ago, one of Brian’s mentors said “you need to turn this into an online platform” and that began the journey that is now TheStartup.Com.

Originally a completely free service, after acquiring TheStartup, it is now an online idea incubator that provides comprehensive tests for business ideas ranging from product concepts, software ideas, enterprise service models and more. There is no barrier to entry, and all entrepreneurs need to do for testing of business concepts is got to TheStartups.Com, create an account, and take select the type of test they want to take.

Upon completion of the test, comprehensive SWOT analysis reports are created, special vendor relationships become available, and for startup ideas that score well on the test, the potential to be taken on as a “Smartup” becomes available.

Under this opportunity, with no cost to the entrepreneur other than a minority equity position, for six months the team acts as your virtual COO. Helping you directly with finding the right vendors, leveraging relationships with manufacturers, investors and influencers to take ideas from paper napkin to profit. This enables inventors and entrepreneurs to streamline the cost, time and resource requirements, with TheStartup.Com literally taking a significant risk on new innovative ideas.

They are currently looking for more inventors to work with, and also has a weekly radio show in 8 cities around the country and right here in Nashville on Supertalk 99.7WTN every Sunday from 4-5pm.

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