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The concept for What Up Nashville was sparked 4 years ago when I was co-owner of a business downtown. Every day when going to lunch, I was constantly stopped by tourists looking for places to eat, things to do and interesting facts about one of the fasted growing cities in America. If you work downtown this will resonate with you, and as a business owners, managers and marketing agencies  we are all looking for new ways to drive business.

While sitting in traffic thinking about what to do after work, I looked at a man standing on the corner selling newspapers and it clicked. Why not create a digital newspaper that could be sold on the street, by Uber drivers or at hotels and shops and provide a way for a variety of people to make money. All while being a direct source of new business for local companies?

After reaching out to scores of local companies, asking friends and random strangers their opinion, the response was so overwhelmingly positive what you are reading has come to life.

Some of you reading this may not view having a digital newspapers sold on the street being a positive, but reality is the concept of street papers is here to stay. In addition to creating a marketing tool for business, the objective of What Up Nashville is to provide a business model that truly inspires hard work and entrepreneurship. There are special bonus structures for vendors, ranging from a $300 bonus each month for top sales, to once a quarter making the down payment on an apartment for those in need.

Assuming the response continues to be positive, over the next several months we will be expanding this concept to a combination of print and digital, and offer special featured articles for new local companies.

So why should you buy the special access codes available all over town?

We have made deals with a variety of resturants, places to have fun and local venues to provide a win-win value proposition. With your access code, you have the ability to pick any deal on our site and get it for free. Literally you make money by buying an access card. Every deal has a positive return on investment for you the customer, and even if you don’t redeem the deal in time it maintains cash value.

Each month, we will be featuring local startups that are looking to gain exposure, showcasing one of the ever growing number of restaurants and bars, and helping to promote local artists and events. If you would like to be featured, please send an email to getnoticed@whatupnashville.com

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